What is “At your Home service”

“At Your Home Service” is our unique ability to transport the required tools, equipment, with cleaners, degreasers, protectants, polishes, sealants, and waxes. We bring the power washer, the polisher, hoses, towels and everything else we need to your location so you can relax while we provide the results you want and the Value you deserve.

What is your pricing policy

The packages for the interior and exterior service starts at $139 and can be customized to accomplish your wants and needs. The complete service package starts at $299 and provides the majority of our client’s needs, which includes the cleaning and detailing of the interior, exterior, wheels and the engine bay. This package schedules your vehicle for the correct amount of time which allows us to deep clean all of the surfaces, and to apply the appropriate protective layers for each unique surface and material. This Package is recommended for our first time clients because it creates a solid foundation for our partnership and for the future growth of our relationship.

value over price

Over the course of our career we have determined that the only way to do the job correctly is to spend the time to do the job correctly! There are several other companies that are priced based, and you may prefer those options, just remember “You get what you pay for!”. If your decision making process is VALUE driven and you want your vehicle to receive the time and attention it deserves, then you understand our philosophy and I look forward to working with you as our client. Checklist Detailing works with you, to establish your expectations and can customize our Service Packages to what you want!

whats the difference

Checklist Detailing believes in doing the job right the first time and in order to deliver the level of service we do, it takes a combination of time, products, experience, and technique. This combination is unique to Checklist Detailing. For example: In order to clean a car’s exterior and to prep it for it’s protective layers (such as sealants, glazes and/or waxes) the exterior must have all of the previously applied waxes, sealants, bird droppings, sap, tar, road grime and oil, as well as any existing damage to the paint and the clear coat removed. A quick wash and wax just can’t deliver the level of professional services or results we do.

what if i just want the interior or exterior services

Checklist Detailing believes in delivering on your expectations, so we do offer an Interior Service Package, an Exterior Service Package, as well as, a Complete Service Package. While almost ALL of our first time clients understand the value the Complete Service Package, we know everyone has different needs and wants. Call us so we can talk about your needs and wants are - 866.429.5478

i like to clean my own car, why should i use your services

The upkeep and weekly, if not daily detailing you do for your car is great. Our Services can only add enhance the enjoyment that your car can give you. Our Service Packages are effective tools that enhance the joy your automobile provides you. Our Service Packages can be customized to meet your wants and your automobiles needs.

how do your determine the cost for your services

As with any business there are costs to keep everything running on a day to day basis, and those costs have been taken into account in our fee schedule. We strive to deliver outstanding results and true value to our clients. if your purchasing decision making is driven by cost alone, and not on Value and Results, there are plenty of other options to choose. Our three Service Packages are competitively priced and our clients understand the value of the Services we provide. The Interior Service Package and the Exterior Service Packages start at $139 with the Complete Service Package including the engine compartment service starts at $299. Call us directly to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your needs and wants - 866.429.5478.

How to schedule an appointment

Checklist Detailing’s “At Your Home Service” makes it easy to get your automobile detailed, call us today at 866.429.5478 or click below to schedule your appointment.