Exterior Services Package

Our “At your Home Service” provides you with the EXTERIOR SERVICES PACKAGE at your location. This service is a comprehensive and time consuming process, when completed properly, provide the ultimate in results. We start with a 9 step cleaning process designed to decontaminate you car’s wheels, rims, exterior trim, moldings, plastics, glass, paint and clear coat from contaminates such as road dirt and oil, rain spots,bugs, tar, bird droppings, tree sap, and others that have embedded themselves in your car’s finish. Afterwards and depending on your wants and needs, we protect the exterior with any number of combinations of products to protect and preserve your automobile.

RINSE, wash, rinse, Clean & rinse

The EXTERIOR SERVICES PACKAGE begins with these 5 steps, along with, an attention to details which includes the identification of the different exterior materials and to the extent those surfaces have contaminates. This initial cleaning process includes several different and specific cleaning products, tools and techniques to ensure that the wheels, rims, trim, moldings, paint and glass are truly cleaned and ready for the decontamination process. This first step is crucial and builds the foundation from which our results are consistently built.


decontaminate, clean & rinse

This is what separates us from the other options available for your automobile. The decontamination of all of your automobiles exterior surfaces is the Holy Grail of any detailing service. This step ensures that every particle of road oil, tree sap, tar, bug parts, gas and diesel exhaust, dust, mineral deposits, water spots and anything else embedded into your car’s exterior is removed. This includes the bumpers, headlights, trim and molding pieces, plastic, rubber, metal, glass, mirrors and paint. There are no shortcuts here, just honest hard work.


protect & preserve

Everything we do, all of the cleaning and detailing is to get us here, to the application of products engineered to provide protection and to preserve your vehicles exterior. This is when are previous discussion and the understanding of your wants and needs, provides us with the identification of what you want for your automobile. This is when we execute our strategy to use an endless combination of sealants, glazes, polishes, compounds, pre-waxes, waxes and dressings to get the maximum results for you and your car.

Our Exterior Service Package with “At Your Home Service” starting at $129,

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